Why Affiliates Are Suspended From AdWords?

Adwords Suspension
Adwords Suspension

Google AdWords, and Google in all of its other incarnations has always been there to serve the user’s experience. They created the duplicate content penalty to keep people from seeing millions of the same article, they made Google Panda to keep low-quality websites from appearing in the searches and they refined their business practices over and over again to ensure that people find good results.

In the past, AdWords has been said to be against affiliate marketing, and with the banning of so many marketers perpetuating affiliate websites, it is easy to see why. However, there is a very good reason why affiliates are being marked down, but if you make sure to avoid these problems, then you should be fine.

Poor Landing Pages

Many affiliate marketers that are using AdWords create poor landing pages that primarily consist of content that has been copy/pasted from the product’s main website, or bought for a dime from external writers. Never do this, Google has always been against duplicate content, and it will not hesitate to ban you if you do not make a website with unique and valuable information.

Even worse, if you get slapped for this once, don’t make a new domain with the exact same content. Google is on to this, and you will go from a domain ban to a lifetime ban.

Give Readers Value
This goes beyond making unique content. You can take someone’s product copy and spin it, but that doesn’t add value. You can also make some rather boring and stilted how-to articles, but that isn’t adding value to the Internet either.

Instead, focus on making a website that includes user reviews, powerful and hard-hitting information, rating and comparison features and tools that will help your readers make informed decisions. This helps conversion, and it also improves Google’s relationship with your affiliate website.

Don’t Use Google’s Brand

“Dominate Google”, “Kill the Google Competition”, “Beat all your Google competitors.” etc.  Also avoid from promoting products that do exactly the same  (such as automatic SEO, Blackhat tools etc.). But it doesn’t stops here, how often have you seen these headlines used in the “make money online” niche? Google doesn’t like people throwing its brand around, nor do they like when anyone insinuates that they can game the system. Be aware that these products are a Google slap trigger.

No More Thin Affiliates

AdWords isn’t interested in affiliates that just post up one or two pages of information, unless those pages are amazing. Instead, focus on really fleshing out your website. Many affiliates think this isn’t worth the effort, but if you consider the consequences it really is.

For example, say it takes you few hours to make a good website page. For a good size website, you make 20 pages. Sure, the one page website takes a lot less time, but it is inevitably going to get the ban hammer. After whacking you several times, AdWords is going to drop your website. You may, however, get some outsourced assistance, as long as the result offers real value to the visitor.

Investing some time in your affiliate website is always welcomed, since while you can’t always avoid the ban hammer, you will benefit from a rise in your conversion.

(Thank you David B. for your nice contribution)

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