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Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Using PPC marketing to promote affiliate products is a normal occurrence, but Google has taken special offense to many affiliates who promote weight loss products. Does Google have an issue with weight loss products specifically? In reality, the problem with this particular niche is that Google does not appreciate the deception that takes place in many of the ads and the products.

In the early days of AdWords, it was basically a free-for-all for affiliate marketers promoting diet and fitness products. Because of this how many of them used AdWords advertisements to promote products that do not actually work. These scam products generated many negative reviews and generally angered consumers. Instead of participating in this deception, Google took the high road and decided to slap down advertisements that were related to these products.

In today’s world of online advertising, it is becoming more and more difficult to use AdWords to promote weight loss products. If you are interested in starting an advertising campaign in this niche, you have to be very careful what types of ads you use. Google is very specific about what they will accept and what they reject in this category. It is still possible to advertise weight loss products, but they have to be legitimate products marketed by reputable companies.

When you do your advertisements, you have to keep in mind the Google advertising policies. If you are in violation of any of their guidance, you will not get your ads approved. For example, in the Google advertising policies, they talk specifically about misleading or false advertisements. If you make astounding claims in your ads that cannot be proven, your ad will most likely be removed from the system.

When advertising, you cannot use any terms such as “the best” or “#1″ weight loss method. In some cases, Google will allow this if you have verification from a third party displayed on your site. You also cannot make any unbelievable claims such as “lose 100 pounds in two weeks” if they are not verifiable.

One of the major issues that Google has with advertising weight loss products is the quality of the landing page. If your landing page is cheap and does not give legitimate information, your ad will most likely be rejected. You have to have a high-quality landing page that provides factual information about a legitimate weight loss product. Otherwise, it seems to Google that you are promoting another scam weight loss product.

If you’re interested in promoting this type of product on Google AdWords, you have to be very careful. If you don’t follow the rules set forth by Google, you could have your account banned for life. This will negatively affect your ability to promote other affiliate products outside of the weight loss niche. Because of this, you may want to focus on some other types of products unless you are sure that you are promoting a high-quality weight loss product by making legitimate claims in your AdWords ads.

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