How to write selling content for an affiliate site

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Content Formula

During 2011 it became quite clear that content would remain King for those who wanted their sites to appear high in the search results. Google continued to fine tune their robots to pick up on original content with true value. For affiliate marketers the content is what will bring in the conversion, and therefore it is crucial to understand how to write content that will sell. Surprisingly the very best content for affiliate marketing sites will not be all that much about selling, and here is why…

Until you walk in their shoes…

You can’t understand another human being until you try going for a walk in their shoes and this is something that every affiliate marketer must consider when trying to figure out how to write selling content for an affiliate site. It is quite common to focus on the product that you are trying to sell through your reviews and informative texts, but many forget for whom they are writing. If someone is considering buying a new vacuum cleaner which is automatic and stylish, they will not look for sites that will repeat the information from the company that sells the product.

To understand what people are looking for when they search for information about various products that you are trying to promote through an affiliate site, you need to take a moment and imagine what it is like to be in their shoes. This shouldn’t be too difficult since we all buy things, and we all know what type of questions we will ask before we order a product or service.

Google is constantly working on updates to their algorithms in order to fetch this type of content and place it high in the organic search results. Their robots can spot content that is trying to sell, and content that is informative and original. Therefore the strategy of writing for a person just like you is a winner, both in terms of SEO and in terms of the experience of the people who come to visit your affiliate site.

Answer the questions with relevant answers

Now that you have set your mind on giving over content that is shaped for the actual buyer and not for another promotional campaign from the producer of the product, you need to figure out what questions to answer. For a camera many might wonder if it has good video properties or if it can be used for high quality pictures for print. If you answer these questions on your affiliate site chances are greater that Google will send you the traffic, and actual buyers will make their purchases by way of your site.

Again, consider how you perceive answers to your questions and what sort of sites you appreciate the most when you investigate a product. This thinking will give you the clues to how to create selling content for an affiliate site.

Don’t try to sell, inform!

A good advice for someone that wants to write content that sell for an affiliate site is to “not try to sell.” The more you focus on real advice and information that add value – the better. When a person is thinking about buying a new camera and search Google for more information, they want real answers. This means that you can hand them both positive and negative information and still sell. In fact, if you also give over the negative points on this camera they will take your site seriously and find your information useful and reliable. The negative point will not stop the sale as most people are aware of products having down sides since they know that nothing is perfect. They look for the information that reflects the reality and not fairy tales.

Conclusion: To write selling content for an affiliate site you need to write it with the buyer in mind and be real. Tell the truth and try to add as much information as you can in a digestible way. If you do this, and use your own personal tone and language while keeping to the rules of SEO for Google to find your site, you stand a great chance of becoming an authority in which Google and their users can put their trust.

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