Affiliate Summit West is almost here

Affiliate Summit
Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit west is approaching, and as always people are asking each other, ‘are you going to Vegas?’ As an Israeli, this is not a simple question to answer, since there are 20 hours of travel, between Tel Aviv and Vegas, not just a short 5 hours ‘jump’ from NYC to Caesars Palace, where Affiliate Summit West 2012 is being held.

So, should you go to Affiliate Summit west, the biggest event so far, with more than 5000 registered people to meet.

In short, the answer is yes. It is fun, you meet some great people, the parties are reviving, the food is good, the casinos are… well casinos and the hotels are usually good. Besides, Vegas is Vegas, so how bad can it be?

Well, this is exactly the problem, it is not bad, but it is not great, at least the expo and the show. It is exactly what you can expect from Affiliate Summit: very nice keynotes, packed expo with many companies promoting the same offers, just with a different package, some new technologies, a bit of media but, lead gen etc. Nothing you didn’t see in the NYC August event, which I believe is better, at  least from my experience.

So if you are going all the way from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia or Antarctica just for the expo you might reconsider your decision. It is just not that great to travel such a distance. Whether it is new products to promote, platforms to test or traffic to buy, going all the way to the other side of the world is just a price too high to pay for.

Affiliate Summit 2012 West

So why should you go? For the people! Affiliate Summit is the biggest Affiliate meetup in the world, and it is happening only two times a year: January in Vegas and August in New York. The rest of the Affiliate events are good, but not as big as these two main ones. So if you plan to go to Vegas, it is only for meeting the right people, have fun with them, enjoy your time and on the way, discuss business and plan strategies and joint ventures.

In Affiliate Summit, networking is the name of the game so pack along with your business cards a friendly face and a liver capable of heavy drinking, since drinking is what you are going to do, and plenty of it… In the morning after, waking up with a minor headache, you might think to yourself: this guy is fun drinking with, let’s try do business together. And that’s my friend is what Affiliate Summit is all about!

So let the party begin, Viva Las Vegas!

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