Smart Branding with Google alerts

Smart Branding
Smart Branding

Google Alerts could be a very useful tool, using it right. Unfortunately, many Affiliates fail to understand the full potential of this great tool for better SEO, PR, Branding and Traffic. If you want some extra PR, then Google Alerts can help you keep up your brand.

Let’s see how it’s done.

First, you need to decide what is your leading brand. It is usually your name, website, product or service, so choose one and constantly promote it as the leading brand. In my case, I have two known brands: “Ofer Shoshani” and “Affiliates.Info”, but I am using only with Google Alerts DIY PR Method since this is the brand I wish to promote.

Second, make sure your website has plenty of original and high-value content. If you can, write it yourself, otherwise, use some service to get the best content available. Always remember golden rule #1: First offer some real value before asking for anything in return.

Your next step is mapping the keywords in your content. It is always better to target in advance the right Keywords, to get the right traffic to the website, increase conversions and SEO. For example, LinkedIn is the main keyword in The right way for Affiliate Marketers to use LinkedIn article, while AdWords is the one in AdWords Approval Policy Explained article.

Now that you have your content mapped open Google Alerts and monitor the main Keywords in your content. It is better to select Everything, As-it-happens and All results, but it will send you a lot of emails, so choose wisely. Choosing As-it-happens has another benefit since you will be among the firsts to comment.

Then, all you need to do is to follow Google Alerts and comment on the blogs/news/articles discussing your targeted keywords. Please avoid from making an auto-blog comment or anything similar, but read the articles and comment wisely. Usually, it is better to start with a line or two commenting on the subject of the article, and only then invite the readers to learn more about the subject in your own article. Always add value to the readers! Make sure the article you are sending them, relates to the subject they were reading before. Remember that some websites use manual approval of comments, so don’t market your website, but suggest a visit there politely.

Tip: if you can write fast enough, don’t send the readers to your current article, but create a new one based on the article they were reading before. Make your own article an answer or follow up to the one you want to take traffic from and see how easy it to get high PR links from main news websites like CNET, AllThingsD, Forbes, Saveur, PBS, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Mashable etc.

You can also use this method with review websites but adjust your writing to avoid from over-marketing.

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