Why 95% of all Affiliate Marketers Fail?

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

It’s no hidden secret that over 95% of all online entrepreneurs fail. In fact, we can see it every day, people hear about Affiliate Marketing, getting excited, read some books, take some courses, test what they have learned and a year or two passes and they are still in shallow water.

Why? Why do the majority of online marketers won’t succeed? Why do so many small businesses fail? Why is it so hard for newcomers to pass the first three years and make money online, real money?

First, it is because they have Unrealistic Expectations – they truly believe that online success comes immediately. The truth, as we know it so well, is that it takes years before you can reach your financial goals. It is no different in the online world, you seldom get to make heavy money on your first few years. It is just so hard to do it, and you don’t have the needed experience, knowledge, character and means to get there fast enough.

Second, they suffer from Lack Of Training. Online entrepreneurs start a business and then as a second thought give attention to training. Every expert comes equipped with a very strong theoretical background. We just know a lot of stuff, things you will have to learn in the hard way. Most often newcomers learn a method, and they run to test it, before understanding that traffic by itself won’t bring you anything, you need to know how to target the right audience, convert the landing page, choose the product, monetize your funnel, deal with Google, connect with networks, know your competitors and beat them etc. This comes from education and even more important experience.

This is the third reason for failure. Online marketing requires a lot of experienced and newcomers are just Not Experienced Enough. Like any other fields, the key to success is experience, even more than knowledge. I have failed more than a thousand times testing and testing and testing new ideas, methods, and products. When i started to do online marketing, more than ten years ago, there was no one to teach me, so i had to learn everything by myself, the hard way. Every time i succeeded i made money, otherwise i lost. There was no agency to teach us and no courses to learn from. Along the way i become the expert i am just because i had no alternative while many others have failed and quit.

Become an Expert In Your Field is the fourth rule. It is simple as that, unless you are an expert in your field and know everything that is needed, you won’t have success. There are many things that can get wrong: traffic, conversions, optimization, regulation, content, sales, management, PR, links, SEO, PPC, demographics, landing pages, funnels, competitors, keywords, hosting, finance etc. Unless you know what you are doing and realize what are the major factors to control you won’t find your online operation making money for you. You must be ready for a long ride and refuse to quit when it is becoming so hard.

Quit Too Early is the Fifth reason for failure. There are many ways to climb a mountain, but each way will take its own time. If you choose SEO, don’t try it once or twice and give up, try it over and over ten, twenty or hundred times until it works well. PPC will take even more efforts since months will pass by until you know what does it means to do state-of-the-art Pay Per Click and master AdWords. It took me years to really make money with Google, Years! Whatever you choose as your preferred method, you won’t be able to earn much of an income from it, unless you become an expert in your field and that take time so don’t quit too early! As i mentioned before, i have failed hundreds of times and even more, but there was nothing in the world that could make me give up because I had strong belief in myself.

This is secret number six, Your Inner Belief Systems Will Make Or Break Your Business! No one will pick you off the floor once you fall (and trust me here, you will find yourself spending the most of your few years falling down) unless you will do it yourself. In my first years, i had to explain so many times why i know it will work when no one else gave me any credit at all. I just Knew it will rock and finally, the world has rewarded me for my efforts. Along the way,you will find yourself standing alone against many rooted beliefs and if you don’t have it in yourself to moving forward on your way, even alone and “against all odds” then my friend, you better stop now. Even more, you must become passionate about what you are doing, you need to like it if not to love it

It Takes Money To Make Money is number seven. Success online depends not on capital investment, there are no entry barriers, but unless you have the funds to keep on trying you may find yourself forced to quit, just because you need to find a job. This is the biggest mistake newcomers are doing. They start a nice operation, it made them some money (let’s say $20 a day) so they quit their job and run to the computer thinking that if they invest ten times more on the campaign, it will bring them ten times more money. No, it doesn’t work this way, so stay in your current job until you make more money online that in work and only then think about being full-time, online marketer.

They Don’t Network Well. Online marketing is done better in a team work (just because you can’t know all and do everything by yourself) and there is nowhere online such a free share of information, tips, secrets and ideas such in Affiliate Marketing. We just help each other so Network, Network, and Network again, it might be your way to the bright 5% side of the win-fail statistics.

Marketing Isn’t Selling. Marketing is an art, selling is the result. Trying to sell instead of learning how to market well is a common mistake newcomers are doing. Understand what it is that we are doing here and adapt.

Do You Have It? Sometimes, you have all the reasons in the world to succeed but you still don’t. Do you have it within yourself to become a success story? Do you thrive on independence? Do failures don’t defeat you? Do you have the drive and motivation for it? Can you take charge and find solutions if needed? Do you have the right character to be an Affiliate Marketer?

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