White Label and White Lists


In another article, in the AdWords Recovery series, I was dealing with the double serving slap, which I believe is AdWords real anti-affiliation policy. I explained all about the double serving policy and how affiliates can still continue promoting their sites in AdWords. However, none of the tactics we talked about is truly safe from potential slaps, so the only semi-safe way to do it properly is with a white-label strategy.

What is the white-label strategy?

If you want to fully comply with Google’s policy you should offer a unique product in a unique website. Usually, as affiliates it is not possible, so we came up with a creative solution: White-label. A white-label is basically a copy of a product, with a different name on it, so it seems to be a unique product. Since Google are no fools, a good White-label also differ in some features from the original product, so the publisher can justify the alleged double-serving with a “new product” justification. Make sure you do as many changes as possible, to strengthen this statement.

Does it work? Most often it does! but you better have a good website to support this uniqueness claim. Don’t forget to have clear identity, contact, about, features, FAQ and similar sections. Another key feature is a good relationship with the product owner since it is she/he that is going to do all the work. You also want to connect well with the network and put the white-label on a white-list.

A White-list is a separate list of products that are intended to be promoted by a limited number of Affiliates (in this case only you). After all, if your white-label is promoted by more than one website, your website, it is just another affiliate product so you must be the only one promoting it. Usually, this list is hidden from other affiliates and only you, the product owner and the network are aware of the true story behind the new product/white-label connection.

The last thing you should worry about is the quality of your PPC campaign, but this will be discussed later.

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