The right way for Affiliates to use Linkedin

Linkedin Startegy
Linkedin Startegy

If you are working as an affiliate marketer for a while, you probably have a well-developed LinkedIn profile. Do you? Probably not, since most affiliates don’t know how to use this “limited” social group, and miss great opportunities that only LinkedIn is offering them.

Let’s try to understand what can you do to make your LinkedIn activities a key role for your success. However, before we do so, it is important to understand what LinkedIn is not. It is not Facebook, so please don’t share anything that doesn’t have a close relationship to your work! While in Facebook people will like to know about your recent meal, favorite movie etc. at LinkedIn, anything that isn’t related to work is just a waste of others time.

In the other hand, LinkedIn is the place to keep your CV organized, to let the world know about recent changes in your career, to look for potential partnerships and to find the right people in a company you are reaching out to. Moreover, speaking of reaching out, imagine you could know a lot more about the person you need to contact / trying to sell a product / looking to increase your commission / search an affiliate / going to interview / need money from etc.  wouldn’t it increase your chances in getting this task done? Well, LinkedIn is offering you this unique opportunity and reaching out to someone before reading BOTH his Facebook and LinkedIn profile, is missing some great tools waiting for you to use.

LinkedIn is all that and more. Some recruitment companies use LinkedIn when they are looking for candidates to the new opening they have. A strong profile will increase your chances, while not being in LinkedIn can sabotage your chances in getting hired. I know some people who got themselves very nice positions based on a search that started in LinkedIn.

For affiliates, that are constantly looking for new opportunities, LinkedIn is just a goldmine!

The right way for Affiliate Marketers to use LinkedIn

1. Complete your LinkedIn profile!  Always remember that your profile will rank in the top five Google search results of your full name, so increase your personal brand value with an impressible profile. Make your personal profile a winning doorway for new opportunities.

2. Connect, connect, connect. Now that you have a great profile start reach out to the world, introduce yourself, ask questions and answer when someone is reaching out to you. Make yourself vital to their success and yours will strongly follow.

3. SEO and Websites. Do you know that you could place some links in your profile to your websites? Do it and make sure you use the anchor text wisely. For example, in my profile I have used the anchor text “Affiliate Marketing” for

4. Increase your network. The more you connect to, to more your network grows… Sounds like basic truth, but still, most affiliates don’t invest in increasing their network. Do it! reach out and ask to connect with people you might use their services in the future, dig into your past and ask to connect. Not like Facebook, in LinkedIn the many your are connected to the more you can benefit from. Moreover, open the gated to your profile and share your contact details, so others can connect to you. See how i did it in my profile. I have used the term [LION] to indicate i am a LinkedIn Open Networkerwelcoming new connections.

5. Join groups. LinkedIn groups are a great opportunity to keep in touch with others in your niche, or, to prove yourself as an expert in your field. Use them and add more value to your network.

6. Brand your company. As an affiliate, your company is something nothing more that a name on your business card. However, in LinkedIn you can turn it into a real living entity, so use this opportunity to increase your secondary brand, your company.

7. Let others hire you. Do you have special skills or searching for specific tasks? Use key terms such as PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Marketing etc. so a potential client will find you when they search for experts.

8. Be updated. Introduce yourself to the variety of tools LinkedIn is offering you and use them for your benefit. Keep in touch with changes and always be in front of your competitors.

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