Bridge Page: Common cause for Affiliates to get slapped

Affiliates Get Slapped
Affiliates Get Slapped

If you send PPC traffic to affiliate websites you are in risk to get slapped. Google often slap websites whose sole purpose is to send traffic to a second site without offering any added value to the visitor.

Google terms won’t allow you to send any traffic to 1-click websites (websites that act as “Bridge Pages” to a place where you can buy a product, subscribe to an email etc.). They believe that such websites, give the visitor no real value and hence are polluting the paid search results. Google specifically tell advertisers to avoid from sending AdWords paid traffic to such websites and constantly slap such activities.

You should always keep yourself from violating this first rule of conduct. Keep in mind that any 1-click website results in a very high bounce rate, which in turn, trigger Google to come and investigate whether it is a Bridge Page. Speaking of such, high bounce rates, along with the length of time the visitor remains on your website, are usually great factors for the quality score of content or service of the site, so keep an eye for changes in them.

Violation of the bridge Page policy may result in a range of actions, starting with disabling the domain (you will have to specify a new destination to the ads), disapproval of ads or even full account suspension and in some cases also automated suspension upon setup of new accounts (The big Google Slap…)

Your best practice should always be avoiding from sending traffic to 1-click websites: pages that link to other websites without providing any added functionality or unique content for the visitor.

Nevertheless, Google allows you to send traffic to such places in the following cases: your website sends traffic to e-commerce platforms on another domain (a secure server where you process your payments) and if the main focus of your website is not to drive traffic to another domain, but it does only seldom.

Don’t ever try to be smart with Google with shady bridge pages, it won’t last. Focus your efforts on creating unique content, add real value to the visitor and make your landing page a much more than a 1-click website and only then you could start thinking of sending traffic there.

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