Your AdWords account suspended due to repeated site quality violations

AdWords Suspension
AdWords Suspension

Your AdWords account suspended due to repeated site quality violations…

Is Adwords Recovery possible?

Many of my colleagues come to me and ask  ’Is Adwords Recovery possible?’, or, ’How can i go back to promote on Adwords?’

My answer is always the same, yes, Adwords Recovery is possible, but you must understand why you were kicked out of there first, and stop blaming Google for your own errors. After all, it is they (Google) who make the rules of the game, we can only follow and play by them.

The AdWords landing page quality issue better knows as the “Google Slap“, is one of the most frustrating things in the industry. Here you are, sending mass PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic with ROI (Return of Investment) of more than 100% and then, out of the blue, BOOM! You are out of the game. No more traffic for you, no excuses, no earlier warning, no chance to recover and the famous Google reply “Please note that our support team is unable to help you with this issue, and we ask that you do not contact them about this matter“, which basically say don’t call us again, we don’t want you back…

And it is true, trying to contact Google support usually ends with “we can’t help you with this issue”. So what can you do?

I have created the AdWords Recovery section as a result of the hardness in getting affiliate websites into AdWords. In the following post I will try to show exactly what to do, and what not to do, to keep your ads running in AdWords, while other websites have been removed from Google.

Even more, fully complying with Google’s terms and conditions, often results in offering a better service to the visitors and in a high-quality website. Both PPC traffic and SEO traffic is increasing, the ROI is sky rocking and your refunds rate are dropping. It is not easy, but it is possible, like some of my partners can tell you. Be honest with yourself and understand exactly why did Google shut down your traffic and then, try not to repeat your error again.

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