Why was my AdWords account closed by Google

Adwords Policy
Adwords Policy

Recently I have received many requests from slapped advertisers to help them get back into AdWords. When I ask them if they know why was their account closed? I was surprised to see that most of them had no idea why it happened and that they felt that “Google was wrong”…  Furthermore, many complained that there was no earlier warning to the suspension.

The simple truth is that most often Google was right and that a warning was given in advance, there was simply no one to read it…

Google is right and You are Wrong! The faster you will understand that the easier will be you way back into AdWords. Recovering your online operations is not that easy, but to succeed with that, you must first take responsibility for your own actions. For all of them, mostly the ones in the gray area, because from there your problems have emerged.

Your second step is to become an expert in your field. Knowing how to create Landing Pages, write ads and choose Keywords is just not enough. You must understand the terms Google is using to measure your landing page Quality Score and avoid violating Adwords terms and conditions. Even more, you better follow what Google is preparing for the future and closely follow each official and unofficial tips they offer the public.

Remember, when it comes to Google ‘Ignorantia juris non excusat’, which means ignorance of the law excuses no one, or, in simple words, ignorance of the law is no excuses! Remember, Google is probably right! and since it is them who write the rules of the game you better educate yourself, before you start to play. Actually, the rules are quite simple, once you understand how to read them. The tricky part is how to follow them and in the same time create a successful campaign.

There is another reason to play along with Google. Fully complying with Google’s terms and conditions, often results in offering a better experience to the visitors and in high-quality website. Both PPC traffic and SEO traffic is increasing, the ROI is sky rocking and your refunds rate are dropping. True, your conversion rates are dropping, since you must adjust to some limitations, but if you wish to get traffic from Adwords (and in a way from Microsoft Adcenter), this is how you should behave.

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