Top issues AdWords have with affiliates

AdWords Slaps Affiliates
AdWords Slaps Affiliates

Q: I am an Affiliate, am i in danger of getting slapped?

A: Yes, Google has become less and less favorable to affiliates.  Most often, Affiliates send traffic to their websites, without knowing they are violating some of AdWords main policy guidelines such as User ExperienceDouble servingBridge pagesComparison shoppingInformation HarvestingArbitrage and more. It is your responsibility, as an advertiser, to read and understand what Google is prohibiting. Otherwise, you will find yourself unknowingly violating their terms and in danger of getting slapped.

The most common causes for affiliates to get slapped – The Affiliates complete list of AdWords landing page and site policy guidelines

Please take your time and carefully read and understand each one of these common causes for getting slapped. This might save your online empire. Keep in mind, that Google has no sense of humor at all, when it comes to violating their terms.

Bridge Page – a very common cause for affiliates to get slapped.

Double Serving – why can’t you use your own site to promote other people products.

Low-Quality Score – avoid from giving no value to the users.

Misleading and inaccurate claims – honesty is your best policy

Get Rich Quick – a big no-no for Work From Home & Biz Ops offers.

Information Harvesting – no-soliciting please!

Unclear billing – no more hidden costs.

Sale of free items – free is something you ask money for, not even later.

Arbitrage – wake up! the AdWords – Adsense model is not working anymore.

Comparison Shopping – enough with these old-fashion review sites.

Mirroring and Framing

Mobile content – similar to unclear billing: no more hidden costs.

Counterfeit goods – a replica is not the original product.

Phishing, Malware & Violations of Google’s Software Principles – finally Google is taking action.

Violations of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – only quality websites por-favor.

Recently, AdWords have introduces the AdWords Policy Center with an overview of all the major advertising policies. Take your time and familiar yourself with terms such as User Experience(Advertising should provide a positive experience to users), Safety and Security (Advertising should be safe for all users), Accurate Ads (Advertising should be accurate and truthful), Transparency and Privacy(Advertising shouldn’t violate users’ trust or privacy), Legal (Advertising should comply with laws and regulations) and Google’s Brand (Advertising should be compatible with Google’s brand decisions).

We will discuss all of them later.

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